Friday, November 19, 2010

Climate realism from Greg Weston at the CBC???

I must say I am usually not a Greg Weston fan, but even he can see the insanity of the chicken littles. The grit strategy on Kyoto was to sign a treaty and totally ignore it, except for spending 6 billion dollars to try and buy the votes of the climate gullible. To those who object to the Senate defeating this bill, why aren't you demanding an elected senate? Tory attempts at Senate reform have been stopped by the coalition of the left.

The bill was demanding what no government could reasonably deliver.

The so-called Climate Change Accountability Act, originally proposed by the New Democrats in 2006, would have committed the federal government to cut greenhouse gas emissions by more than 40 per cent over the next 10 years.

On Tuesday, the Conservatives managed to pull off a surprise vote in the Senate that killed the bill on the spot.

Prime Minister Stephen Harper defended the move, saying the legislation was setting "irresponsible targets" that would entail "shutting down sections of the Canadian economy and throwing hundreds of thousands, and possibly millions, of people out of work."

Prime Minister Stephen Harper responds to a question in the Commons in Wednesday about the rejected climate change bill. (Adrian Wy ld/Canadian Press)
What exactly would cutting emissions by 40 per cent entail?

The latest figures from Environment Canada show the government could send the country back to using the horse and buggy and still not satisfy the greenhouse gas reduction targets in the climate change bill axed by the Senate.


robins111 said...

I was shocked too Roy couldn't believe my eyes.

Its interesting to read the comments, there appears to be still some die hard warmy's around even after they realize that they have been sold a package of tainted goods.

Anonymous said...

A good example of the madness can be seen in Ontario. The billions spent on making "green" energy in that province has been a disaster.

There is no way to quantify the reduction in GHG's and put a cost per tonne on the effort.

It is statistically impossible to demonstrate that the GHG cuts are accomplishing anything. The costs however, have clearly proven to be a burden on families,businesses and the economy.

Frances said...

Of course, we could have passed the bill and shut down the West. How the rest of Canad would fare without the massive transfer payments it has been accustomed to would have been interesting.

been around the block said...

I guess there's a point where reality hits even soft-brained, leftist-sympathizer, journalists upside the head!

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