Friday, November 12, 2010

Chris Alexander

 Chris was on the Agenda this week.

He was also on the Tommy Schnurmacher Show on CJAD discussing Afghanistan. Listen here:

He has written a reasoned piece on the future of Afghanistan in the November issue of Policy Options.
Canada needs people like Chris in parliament. We must work to elect Chris and defeat the grit blaggard mark holland!

Chris Alexander
Since the state of Pakistan was established in 1947 — and in a larger sense since Ranjit Singh’s Sikh kingdom and later the British Raj began encroaching on the old Durrani empire of Afghanistan in the early nineteenth century — Afghanistan and Pakistan have had a troubled relationship. By denying that the Durand Line is an international border, Afghanistan lodged an implicit claim against Pakistan’s territorial integrity that has stood since 1949. By backing Islamist militia proxies in Afghanistan since the early 1970s — down to and including today’s Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan — Pakistan has embraced a policy of interference. Peace will require a framework for ending both policies. It will require international supervision and monitoring, best led by the UN, as well as a judicial component. Fortunately, the region’s economic stake in Afghan stability is now broad and deep enough to provide useful incentives.

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