Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Chantal Hebert on Rae and iffy and the Torz base

All I can say is thanks iffy and bob. Maybe neither of you should be grits.

But it does seem that the two former leadership rivals are finding it easier to agree with each other — and in this instance with the government — than to secure a consensus within their caucus.

As a result, they have jointly managed the singular achievement of giving Harper the elbow room he needed to change tack on Afghanistan in a way that is bound to please both NATO and the Conservative party base while making the Liberals more vulnerable to Bloc Québécois and NDP attacks on both Afghanistan and parliamentary accountability in the next election.

Since he came to office almost five years ago Harper has twice outmanoeuvred the opposition and secured parliamentary approval for extensions to Canada’s combat mission in Kandahar against long odds.

This time, though, Ignatieff and Rae outmanoeuvred themselves.


remi online said...

i got to admit it, they really did outmanoevred themselves..i'm surprised!!

Anonymous said...

If it was George Bush in power, the Liberals would complain that he twisted Harper's arm to stay on with trainers, but since it is Obama they can't use that card.

wilson said...

As long as we have troops in Afghanistan, the detainee documents are dealt with as national secrets, for security reasons.

Makes a person go hmmmmmm, why was it Rae and Iffy started a campaign to keep troops in Afghanistan back in June.

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