Sunday, November 07, 2010

cap and tax is dead in the US

The US midterms have truly killed cap and tax. Good.

Day of reckoning for climate vote
By: Darren Samuelsohn and Robin Bravender
November 3, 2010 05:19 AM EST

House Democrats who voted for the 2009 bill to cap greenhouse gas emissions – dubbed cap-and-tax by GOP opponents – had a terrible night.

Over two dozen lawmakers who favored efforts to clamp down on heat-trapping emissions were swept away on Tuesday's anti-incumbent wave, ushering in a new class of Republicans who doubt global warming science and want to upend President Barack Obama's environmental and energy policies.

Democrats who voted for the controversial House climate bill were slaughtered at the ballot box, including Rep. Rick Boucher, the 14-term Virginian who helped broker some of the key deals instrumental to its June 2009 passage. In the Senate, several reliable green advocates also went down to opponents who derided tough new environmental policies.

Come January, Obama will be working with a Congress that will have little appetite for the types of sweeping energy reform he sought over the last two years. With the House in Republican hands, some of the climate issue's most vocal advocates have been dislodged from their powerful perches, including Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Energy and Commerce Committee Chairman Henry Waxman.


Anonymous said...

I guess the people have spoken cap and tax, tax and spend, 100 billion demanded by the U.N. all kicked to the curb, God bless America!
Cheers Bubba

Anonymous said...

Watch for Obama try to get cap and tax thru the EPA by changing regulations. Watch for the fireworks as the Dems are called before the House to explain their changes to regulations. Trying to do something by regulation that they can't get thru the Congress.

Anonymous said...

God Bless America is correct. Right now they're are only hope of keeping the rabid environmentalists under control. Right now, in Canada, a group made up of major oil companies, radical environmentalists (Pembina Institute), and environmental professors and operating under the acronym EPIC is trying to come up with ways to make the Canadian oil industry the greenest in the world. They claim they will do so by influencing prominent politicians. While this goal, in itself, is worthy, they also say that it can only be done by introducing a carbon tax. I wonder if Stephan Dion and Kyoto are also part of EPIC?

Bob Devine said...

Watch out for the EPA! It is full of enviro freaks and by operating behind closed doors like they do they will be more dangerous to the economy with their prohibitive and expensive rules and regulations.

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