Saturday, November 13, 2010


I give financial support to 3 stage companies. One of them, Infinitheatre is an experimental group in Montreal. I do this to encourage and nourish English theater in Montreal. I often find the plays produced at this theater leftist, but they usually make me think about things.
Yesterday I saw a David Fennario Play called Bosheviki. David Fennario is about as left wing as you can get. He is an avowed marxist. He is a pretty good playwright.
This play was about the futility of war. I don't think it was particularly disrespectful to our soldiers and veterans, but it did make me gnash my teeth. It is the story of Rosie, a WW1 veteran who comes back from the war a bolsheviki. It did engender some discussion with the friend I went with, so I suppose it served some purpose. The audience gave it and David fennario, a standing ovation. I did not.
This is Fennnario on the subject. A lot of this dialogue is in the play.

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dollops said...

Kudos to you, Dr Roy, for your tolerance of opposing viewpoints, especially since they would not return the honour. In the battle for hearts and minds the leftist Arts community is very influential so I must ask "why help them in their efforts to destroy the national character?" Absent govt. funding and fuzzy feel-good donations those propagandists would be out of business, and Canada would be immeasurably better for it.

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