Sunday, November 21, 2010

Apologies to Maclean's?

The Quebec elites and the mps in the federal parliament who voted to censure Macleans's are totally out of touch with the people of Quebec.

75% of Quebecers believe Quebec is a corrupt province and 62 % believe their local politicians are corrupt.
They all owe Quebec an apology .


Anonymous said...

Wow the politicians try to deny the corruption but the voters “get it” nevertheless. If there was ever any evidence of how badly Quebec needs the RLQ, this is it.

The RLQ is not a political party. Like the Tea Party, the RLQ is simply a voice of the sane middle class people of Quebec. It will hopefully offset the intellectual separatist elite who have driven Quebec into fiscal disarray and allowed corruption to fill the real world vacuum left by the utopian fantasy island seekers. Corruption is a very real part of the economy and it is starting to dominate Quebec because socialism does not work, as proven over and over again.


Roy Eappen said...

Great comment nomdeblog. Thanks

Anonymous said...

But that wasn't the story. Quebec is featured as the most corrupt province. They should have also looked at Ontario which with its E-Health consulting contracts and green energy contracts. Too easy and lazy to only attack Quebec.

been around the block said...

The point is, "Anonymous," that Mclean's apologized to Quebec not Ontario.

I wouldn't mind a Mclean's cover exposing McGuilty's government, though I can't see it happening. If it did, however, then Mclean's could apologize to Ontario.

But how stupid. There goes freedom of speech and expression and freedom of the press. Even though I'm enraged most of the time by the lamestream media's leftward tilt, I will defend their right to say what they want. As it turns out, the penalty for their left-leaning bilge, is that Canadians aren't buying it -- or their newspapers and magazines.

When the media gets it right -- and that Mclean's cover with Bonhomme carrying a suitcase full of money was perfect -- I'm delighted.

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