Sunday, November 21, 2010

Apologies for the euro?

Daniel Hannan asks those who thought the euro was a good idea to admit reality. The euro is an utter failure. The UK is infinitely better off not being in the euro zone!

In a superb blog post, Peter Oborne says that he contacted the chief proponents of monetary union – Hezza, Brittan, Mandie, Kinnock, Kennedy – to ask whether their views had changed. None returned his call.
I’m not holding out for a retraction (although Danny Alexander deserves credit for being one of the few Lib Dems publicly to have admitted that he got it wrong). But it would be nice if the BBC stopped trotting these characters out as if they were disinterested experts, while presenting those of us who opposed the euro as Right-wing eccentrics. We don’t want an apology, those of us who got the call right: we just want to be listened to next time.


Anonymous said...

Daniel Hannan has been on the Glenn Beck show warning Americans to stop following Obama down the path of the Euroweenies and to return to its Constitution.

Meanwhile the UK Tele says:
"The BBC, an integral part of the pro-European alliance, played its full role in marginalising critics such as Hague. The state-owned national broadcaster lumped the Tory leader in with cranks and xenophobes. By contrast, euro supporters were invariably presented as mainstream and sensible.”

Aren’t state owned broadcasters like the BBC or the CBC supposed to promote a country, not drag it kicking and screaming into the clutches of the One Worlders such as the apparatchiks in Brussels? These taxpayer funded media entities need to be shut down because along with our tenured academic One Worlders, they are the at the root cause of our problems.


Pissedoff said...

In the UK the BBC is not funded like the CBC, it has to collect license fees from people, so they could easily defund it by not paying for the license. Here we pay for the CBC, even if like me we don't have TV.

Anonymous said...

What is most ironic is that the one worlder's are in fact the world's biggest capitalists, so go figure?? (real conservative)

been around the block said...

Why do you think the "one worlders" are one worlders, real conservative?

Look no further than Canada's very own Mo Strong: Every one-world enterprise he's been involved in has made big bucks for him: the "University for Peace" in Costa Rica; the Kyoto Accord; his involvement in the UN as a former under-secretary general, the Earth Summit, the Stockholm Conference, and in the Oil-for-Food Scandal; and, most recently, his residence in China and his teaming up with George Soros to flood the American market with cheap Chinese-made cars (

For all of their "altruism" and talk of saving the planet, they've actually set out to make themselves a fortune under the beard of "we are the world" and we really care.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

been around the block said...

Vis a vis the one-worlders, as with any organization, the larger it becomes, the easier it is to "hide" nefarious agendas behind euphemisms (like the University for Peace [sic]) and altruistic jingo.

Look at what's happened to Toronto since all of its boroughs became the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) -- we got David Miller as our mayor -- and the Toronto District School Board (TDSB). All sorts of leftist propaganda and agendas have been implemented while accountability has been minimized: Who do you talk to? Who's responsible? There's such a labyrinth of departments and employees, you don't know where to begin to penetrate them.

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