Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Another grit non apology

Marlene jennings is a shameful excuse for an mp. She has made a non apology for her latest outrage. Why anyone votes for this rude woman, a lawyer, was even unsure of her own citizenship status. Stay classy marlene.

Mr. Speaker, during the course of question period, I allowed my emotions to take over the calm, studied aspect of my personality that I am usually able to exhibit. The Minister of National Defence, responding to a question, in his typical fashion was going down to the lowest common denominator … In the heat and the anger at listening to the Minister of National Defence make his comments, I called him a “slime”. I wish to unreservedly withdraw my remarks calling the minister a slime and offer him my sincere apology for having called him a slime. It was unparliamentary. I apologize unreservedly.

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