Saturday, October 16, 2010

the un

I haven't written very much about the loss of the un, because frankly I don't care. Sucking up to tyrants to get votes makes me ill. I am disappointed in the United States, but it just confirms that bo wants to offend all of his allies. Rex has a good piece on this non stiry.

The real question here is why do so many people seem to care? Actually really care? What, after all, is a vote at the UN? It is at best a morally weightless gesture. More frequently it is a transaction freighted with duplicity and hidden design, purchased or traded for ends ulterior to its purpose. It is in other cases the stooge response of a debtor country to its creditors. And in yet others, it is a counter or an expression of unbending prejudice or ideological hostility.

No self-respecting country will feel “embarrassment” from “losing” such a vote. You can only feel real embarrassment if you’ve been declined or rebuked by someone or some institution you respect. Not getting Hugo Chavez’s support? Not winning over China, which has a Nobel Peace Prize winner in its gulag? Not winning over Iran, as it threatens the monstrous stoning, which it may commute to a “merciful” hanging, of a woman for having sex? Not winning over Libya, Sudan or Saudi Arabia? How is any of that an embarrassment?


Anonymous said...

Is it safe to come out of my bunker now? We lost the vote and, except within the minds of the left wing, butt-kissing opposition, I haven't seen any evidence that the sky is falling.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder why harper lobbied so hard to get there then...

Cognitive dissonance much?

Anonymous said...

Dr. Roy, you said it perfectly, thanks.

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