Monday, October 25, 2010

Tasha in The National Post

My friend and RLQ conferencier writes about the Quebec Freedom network in the NP. She was very impressed with ADQ leader Gerard Deltell.  We having been getting a lot of coverage in Quebec and the ROC.

Assembling 450 right-wingers in a dark hotel on a sunny Saturday presents a challenge anywhere in Canada, never mind in la belle province. But this past weekend, the fledgling Reseau Liberte Quebec (Quebec Freedom Network) succeeded, no arm-twisting required. At $25 a head, their event, “La droite s’organise” (The right gets organized), sold out two weeks early, packing a room on the outskirts of Quebec City with people eager to bring small government to a notoriously big-state province.

The meeting inspired quite a reaction from those who, to put it politely, don’t share their views. The day before, local union leaders held a press conference to denounce the RLQ. Saturday morning, someone dumped a load of manure on the steps of the hotel. By lunchtime, twenty-odd protesters had convened on the opposite street corner, chanting socialist slogans. The women’s bathroom was defaced with the words, “RLQ=fascism.”

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johnnyonline said...

hats off, doc -

nothing like a watershed moment to put a smile upon one's face.

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