Sunday, October 17, 2010

Susan Boyle

So Susan has a new book. In it she reveals doctors wanted her mom to have an abortion. Thankfully her mom refused.

EDINBURGH, United Kingdom, October 15, 2010 ( – International singing phenomenon Susan Boyle has revealed in a new autobiography that doctors had told her mother to abort her, because they thought the pregnancy was risky.

Boyle soared to stardom in April 2009 after appearing on the UK television program, Britain’s Got Talent, when the plain-looking Scotswoman shocked audiences with a powerful rendition of “I Dreamed a Dream” from the musical version of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables.

But the 49-year-old native of Blackburn, a village in West Lothian, Scotland would never have dreamed the dream of singing on the international stage, if her mother had agreed to abort her on the advice of doctors.

In her autobiography, The Woman I Was Born To Be, Boyle reveals that doctors recommended a “termination” to Bridget Boyle, who already was a mother of eight children, because they feared physical complications.

Boyle reveals that her mother rejected this advice as “unthinkable” since she was a “devout Catholic.”

Susan Boyle Sings for the Pope


been around the block said...

I am really fond of Susan Boyle. For all of her very human problems (hey, don't we all have them?) she's the real McCoy and, boy can she sing !!! Plus, she's a woman of faith.

I'm just so happy for her that her God-given talent to sing has been realized and recognized. She's a beautiful human being, warts and all, and I hope for her all of the blessings that God wishes to bestow upon her.

Anonymous said...

But abortion is good, it's not murder, it's not cruel, it's not barbaric, it's not HUMAN! (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

@Annonymous, I wonder if an abortion would have been good if your mom had one.
Just sayin.

Anonymous said...

Aren't Susan and her siblings fornuate that her mother did not have serious medical complication or lose her life in bringing Susan into the world. That would have been the tragedy!

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