Monday, October 18, 2010


Have you seen the new Tory website? As someone who has contributed many thousands of dollars to the Tory party, I don't like it. It seems old fashioned and not very compelling. If we want to attract more young people to our party we need to make the web more of a priority. This website is certainly not an indication that we are putting much emphasis on the web. I appreciate the hard done to put these things together, but we should probably bring in outside help, to make our presence on the web far more compelling. I dare say we have many volunteers whose imput could improve the situation. This wasn't all that clever either. I guess all I can do right now is sigh ( and email people).....

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MIkhael said...

With respect, I'm not sure I agree Roy.

I recall not too long ago we had a really childish CPC web site that many bloggers complained about, looking like it was designed by a bunch of highschool students.

Yes, it's not a sexy site. But I think Canadians are looking for gravitas, not fun web sites.

Though I seem to live half my life on the Web, I doubt that anyone will be attracted to the CPC based on their site, no matter how sexy it is.

If we want to attract young people, we should be doing it based on selling policies that will resonate with them - the promise of a future free of government-created albatrosses of debt and regulation so they can realize their potential and compete globally. I'm not really hearing that from my party.

All I am hearing is "liberals evil, liberals evil". That's not going to work much longer, especially with the Liberals finally getting a clue and starting to talk about our deficit as a problem (see today's headlines in the globe)

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