Sunday, October 24, 2010

RLQ 2010

                                               a few socialists
                                                            ADQ leader Gerard Deltell

                                                    Tasha and Adam

Yesterday was the Quebec Freedom Network's first event. It 3as a smashing success. We had a lot of coverage.
we had close to 500 people in attendance. It was pretty much standing room only. We had protesters from the alternative socialist ( about 15 of them). We were even denounced in le devoir.
The speeches were great. Ezra was amazing. He had 3 standing ovations.
Jeff Fillion's talk here.
Listen to Frederic Tetu's speech here.
Listen to Maxime's great speech here.
Gerard Deltell's( Leader of the ADQ) amazing and passionate speech here.
Listen to Eric Duhaime here.

All our speakers Ian, Joannne, Adam, Tasha, Jacques Brassard and all of the others were amazing. For me Tetu, Bernier and Deltell were the best.

SRC( French cbc) did a special on us before our event.

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