Wednesday, October 27, 2010

The real bigot glen murray

glen murray has shown himself to be not very clever and a bigot by his latest shenaningans. This is the quality of cabinet in mcliar's government. It is time to defeat dalton and his incompetents. glen murray's attacks on conservatives show unable to debate ideas. Instead he just shows his own bugotry.

An Ontario Liberal Cabinet minister is facing calls for his resignation after he took aim at Toronto’s mayor-elect Rob Ford, Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak and Prime Minister Stephen Harper, using the social networking site Twitter to accuse them of bigotry.

In an apparent response to an anti-gay ad targeting mayoral candidate George Smitherman broadcast on Tamil radio last weekend, Glenn Murray, Ontario’s Research and Innovation Minister and former mayor of Winnipeg, tweeted: “If u vote Ford u r voting for bigotry.”

He then goes on to criticize the provincial Opposition leader and the Prime Minister: “Ford, Hudak and Harper use fear tactics against Tamils and gay men. I am proud of the Tamil and gay Canadians I represent.”

The openly gay Mr. Murray also retweeted a message from another Twitter account that said: “ford, hudak and harper — the trifecta of republican-style, right wing ignorance and bigotry.”

Mr. Ford, who spent his first day as mayor-elect coaching football at Don Bosco Secondary School, responded: “Those pathetic comments aren’t worth a response.”

During Question Period at Queen’s Park on Tuesday, Mr. Hudak called on Premier Dalton McGuinty to order Mr. Murray to make an unconditional apology.

“The accusations of the Minister of Innovation and Research were offensive, beneath the role of a Cabinet minister,” Mr. Hudak said. “The minister had the opportunity to deliberate on the words he chose; he had the opportunity to deliberate whether the message was appropriate.”


Blame Crash said...

But why would anyone want to interrupt an opponent when they're shooting themselves in the foot? If anything we want this clown to make an even bigger spectacle of himself.

His accusations are like free advertising that say "Vote Conservative"

Patrick Ross said...

Desperate and pathetic.

Rob Ford had this one entirely right.

been around the block said...

Neither Rob Ford's campaign nor Tim Hudak's Conservative government had anything to do with this ad.

Should it surprise anyone that neither Tamils nor Muslims would want to vote for a man who has a husband (or as they put it in their ads, they want a mayor who is married to a woman)?

Glen Murray is a despicable human being and a dirty politician, which has nothing to do with his sexual orientation. He should stop playing off his sexual orientation: Neither Ford nor Hudak were targeting George Smitherman, as he alleges, and he, in turn, should not be targeting them.

His comments, particularly his "apology," are unconscionable.

I have to admit that I am sick and tired of gays making their sexual orientation the topic of discussion and declaring, when someone disagrees with them, that they are being discriminated against because the person disagreeing with them is "homophobic." This reasoning stifles debate and obscures the truth. It is narcissistic and self-serving and, in the long run, is a disservice to gays in public service who are individuals of principle and integrity.

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