Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Prof Mansur on HM PM Harper and Israel

Prof Mansur on HM PM's Ethical policy on Israel. A policy I completely agree with.

The Arab rejection of the Jewish state has been the main obstacle for peace in the region. Canada is right to give Israel our diplomatic support.

Perhaps no foreign-policy file, apart from Canada’s bilateral relationship with the United States, stirs more domestic controversy than Ottawa’s role in the Middle East, particularly under the present stewardship of Prime Minister Stephen Harper.

Critics view the strong public support Harper and his ministers have given Israel since 2006 as undermining Canada’s long-standing balanced approach to the Israeli-Palestinian/Arab conflict.

For Harper’s critics, the troubling reality is that Ottawa has abandoned the constructive role of previous governments similar to that of the European Union to broker a peace settlement in the region.

The fact is, however, that there is not much for Canada to broker in this conflict, when Israel remains a besieged entity and her enemies remain publicly committed to the destruction of the Jewish state.

It is to the credit of the Harper government that it recognizes the brutal reality surrounding Israel and that it sets aside the false idea that brokering peace requires treating Israel and her enemies even-handedly.

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Jen said...

PM reminds me of Israel, all alone in the midst of hate without any media to help him or Israel at the time of need.

One thing going for ISRAEL is God, let no man dare rid Israel of the map or else face God's wrath

I Support Lord Black