Friday, October 08, 2010

A new center right movement in Quebec?

My friends and I seem to have started a trend. I am happy about the facal legault attempts at rounding up support for a more center right movement( Force Quebec). One it worries pauline marois. If it didn't worry her, she wouldn't say it doesn't worry her so many times. Secondly I think it will again bring up the issues that the RLQ want discussed in Quebec. I am glad that such a movement would not discuss sovereignist/ federalist issues.
My concerns about such a movement.I don't think it will form into a new party. We already have a more center right party in Quebec, the ADQ. Starting new parties is a long process. I think such a new party may split the vote. From what I am told such a movement would be much more center, than centre right.
In any case I invite Mr legault and facal to come to our event on Oct 23, 2010.


bigcitylib said...

Is Teneycke still scheduled to speak?

Anonymous said...

Start with a non-profit activist group first? If that goes well then consider a political party next. You can always act to influence the existing ADQ in the short-term. In this game the goal is to get the message out first. (real conservative)

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