Wednesday, October 20, 2010

My Toronto Election picks

This Toronto municipal election has been quite odd. I am fairly Rob Ford will be Toronto's mayor inspit of the open electioneering of the red star and the Toronto elite. Articles like this can only help. It's not worth talking about the loser, bully, ehealth denying slitherman. God help Toronto if he is elected.
  There are lots of great candidates for Toronto Council and school boards like in Ward 10, popular, current TDSB Trustee (York Centre) James Pasternak is now running for council . He is running with Robin Shugar, who he has endorsed to replace him in his current position. Both are strong advocates for their community and are looking to stop the waste at City Hall.
The experienced and hard working Rob Davis deserves to win in Ward 15. I spoke to Davis on CFRB recently and he says he shares many of Rob Ford's ideas and can work with Rob if both are elected.
Then's there's lefty sandra bussin, who will be defeated by Mary-Margaret McMahon who now has the backing of Martin Gladstone (who has dropped out of the race) for Ward 32.

Liz West is a great candidate in Ward 30.  She is in a very tough race in Jack Layton territory to unseat unpopular former communist  paula fletcher in Riverdales ward 30. West is a TV host by profession and strong fiscal conservative. The Toronto Sun has ward 30 pegged as a race to watch. West is reminicent of a young Margaret Thatcher. The third place candidate , Andrew James, just dropped out of the race and has endorsed West as residents are uniting to get rid of Fletcher.

There is of course Josh Matlow in ward 22. Shimmy Posen in ward 21. In Ward 34 Denzil Minnan-Wong is a great choice.

It is as important that   Davis, Pasternak, Shugar, Matlow, West, McMahon, Minnan-Wong, and West be elected as it is for Rob Ford to be elected. It is time to rid Toronto council of the ndp spendthrifts!!

Sue-Ann Levy and I have similar ideas.

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