Saturday, October 09, 2010

My Aunt Mary's favourite Hymns

Some of my Aunt Mary's favourite hymns.
What a friend we have in Jesus:

Abide with me in Malyalam

Amazing Grace

Nearer my God to thee in Malayalam:

This is sung at the graveside as the body is laid to rest.. It was originally written in German and translated into Malayalam.


been around the block said...

Thanks, Dr. Roy, for the graveside hymn sung in Malayalam. I am so grateful for immigrants who have come to Canada who are one with all of us who believe in the One Lord, Jesus Christ.

In Him, there is no tribalism: We are, indeed, all one, loved, and precious children of God -- and we work together and pray for the good of all.

The Christian Church is a much more honourable and loving united nations than the UN in New York! We leave behind our tribal, clannish, affiliations when we worship the one Lord and, then, we are called to love our neighbour, whoever s/he is, as ourself.

May your Aunt Mary rest in peace and may you and your family know our Lord's comfort and healing. By God's grace, she is being held in His loving arms -- and her love for you and her love for you continues. Love is stronger than death.

been around the block said...

I meant, her love for you and your love for her, continues.

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