Thursday, October 28, 2010

More on The RLQ

Steve Paikin had a segment on Maxime Bernier and the RLQ. It was quite interesting. My friend Gerry Nichols was on the panel. eric has a new piece in the
Sun and there was a piece and an editorial in the Metropolitan. This weekend Joanne and Eric will be on Tout Le Monde en Parle> This is a very popular TV Show on Sunday nights in Quebec. The six co founders will sson meet again to discuss what to do next. I am sure we have some surprises coming!

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johnnyonline said...


i am so pleased with the momentum that rlq has picked up in only just the last week.

thanks for posting the tvo link - and...

if i can ever help in any way - just let me know.

btw, facebook went past 2k this evening.

BIG smiley!

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