Wednesday, October 27, 2010

More on The RLQ

We have had massive coverage of our Oct 23,2010 conference in Quebec City. We have started many debates and have annoyed and frightened many on the left. We have had quite a bit of coverage outside of Quebec as well.
My friend Marc Navarro-Genie at the Frontier Institute has written about us in the Epoch Times.
The debate has started. Which is excellent news for Quebec and all of Canada. All Quebec political parties need to pay attention!

We would show “a lack of courage and vigor,” Quebec Premier Lucien Bouchard said, addressing a Parti Quebecois (PQ) convention in 1996, if we “pass down our grocery bill to future generations.”

The party ignored his warning and seemed to forget it as soon as Bouchard left office. Now the province faces the rising frustrations of a new generation saddled with paying for the old grocery bill.

About 500 people gathered this past weekend in Quebec City to re-establish “courage and vigor” through a new political movement, Reseau Liberte-Quebec (RLQ, Freedom-Quebec Network). If successful, this movement could transform the Canadian federation.

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