Wednesday, October 06, 2010

More on the RLQ

David Solway has written about the Quebec Freedom Network on the Pajamasmedia blog.

There is another smidgen of good news which suggests a modest and — for a change — benign similarity between Quebec and the United States, at least in the sector of public sentiment. A new social advocacy group, the Reseau Liberté-Québec, or the Freedom Quebec Network, loosely based on the Tea Party model, has appeared on the scene. Co-founder Roy Eappen sees Quebec as “a province that will soon be worse off than Greece” and where “the leftist media ridicules anything that is even slightly centrist, let alone right of center.” According to fellow co-founder, radio commentator, and local columnist Éric Duhaime, “a lot of people here … are fed up with a big interventionist state and are looking for more individual liberty and personal responsibility.” The group expects 250 attendees — a “lot of people” for a statist, big-spending, welfare-oriented province — at its October conference in Quebec City.

We have 400 people who have registered and paid to attend our conference on Oct 23 in Quebec City.

If you want to attend register soon for the conference and for the fundraising cocktail. We will be sold out! We will be making another exciting announcement next Wednesday. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook. I am amazed at our success. We have more than 1500 on our Facebook page and 930 followers on twitter.

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