Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Lorne Gunter, climate realist

Another great column by Lorne Gunter. The Chinese really don't believe in the hoax.

(Canada, by contrast, emits about 560 million tonnes of carbon dioxide in a year, or about 2% of the worldwide total for man-made emissions. And Alberta’s oilsands are responsible for about 5% of Canada’s total or 28 million tonnes; that’s one-third of 1% of China’s annual total.)

Because of its desire to keep its booming economy booming, China is an active participant in efforts to scupper climate talks. It wants no deal to replace Kyoto — which expires in 2012 — but if there must be a deal, China is adamant any carbon limits in a new pact apply only to Western industrialized nations. Indeed, China would likely consider that the ideal result, a deal that beggars its main competitors but leaves it free to emit as it wishes so even more of the world’s industrial base will be shifted from the emission-capped West to uncapped China.

So holding climate talks in Tianjin this week is the equivalent of holding an international crime symposium on halting the drug trade at a resort owned by a Colombian cocaine lord.

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