Saturday, October 09, 2010

Lord Black on Canada and the un

I must admit I wholly unenthusiastic about the un. Lord Black writes a good piece and the title reflects my views.

Conrad Black: Canada deserves a UN seat, even if the UN does not deserve us
There is a classically Canadian, half-hearted campaign for Canada to become a permanent Security Council member at the United Nations. It reminds me of the late Mitchell Sharp, the Canadian head of the Trilateral Commission (after having been minister of finance and of external affairs), telling me that when he set out to secure approval for Canadian continuation in the Trilateral Commission, he could find no enthusiasm for it. This is an organization of fairly eminent people from Western Europe, the United States, Canada and Japan that meets every year and goes over a wide range of contemporary issues. Finally, Mitchell won agreement that if every other country was renewing its participation, Canada should also. Canadians tend to be diffident and rather inept self-promoters. The Germans, Japanese, Indians and Brazilians are campaigning feverishly all around the world, seeking to become permanent members of the Security Council, joining the founding members, the United States, Russia, the United Kingdom, China and France.

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