Thursday, October 07, 2010

legal malpractice?

allred is representing a woman to get $6200 in back pay. In the process this woman may be prosecuted for making false statements and deported. What a legal beagle. Greta takes her down yet again.


maryT said...

Wonder who is paying the legal fees.
What has this housekeeper been promised. If she was so hard done by, and is so illiterate, how did she just happen to call Gloria with her sad story. Wonder how many other illegals are going to demand 23.00 an hour.
Does Meg have kids going to school, never heard it mentioned. And Gloria is defending a person who supposedly drove kids to school with a phony license. She couldn't have been too badly treated, she kept the job for nine years. If anyone needs to be investigated it is the employment agency that recommended her. Bet Meg will go after them after the election.

Anonymous said...

I notice none of the lawyers who frequent the Blogging Tories have much to say about this.


A lawyer acts like a total skeez and other lawyers are silent.

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