Friday, October 01, 2010

larry martin grit operative...

I have written many times about larry the grit hack. Now he has written a book about HM PM Harper. I won t be reading this hatchet job. I don t think larry has much credibility on the subject.

Dimitri Soudas, director of communications to Mr. Harper, said he had not read the book but added that Mr. Martin is a “known biographer for previous Liberal prime ministers.”

“The bottom line is that whether it’s through his columns or his opinions, it’s a well-known fact that he’s a big-L Liberal sympathizer.”

Mr. Soudas brushed aside the charge that Mr. Harper is overly controlling, saying that the prime minister has had the responsibility to ensure the government implements the “right decisions” in response to the global economic recession.


Anonymous said...

We haven’t read it yet but we don’t need to, the usual “control” rants will be Larry has to offer.

The game Larry plays is that if some Conservative MP goes off message by musing about abortions in Africa then Larry will be the first to scream, “there, see ,see, Harper can’t control his rednecks. The Conservatives are a party of gapped toothed Christian knuckle dragging homophobic Neanderthals”.

Then the MSM goes on a tear that slows down PMSH from trying to implement earth shattering changes to the bureaucracy, like shortening a census form. Meanwhile the competition in China is opening up a brand new utility every month and leaving us in the dust.

So yes Larry we do need to control what gets said with the likes of you parasites around because we don’t have Quebecor’s Sun TV yet to counter surge what the Liberal MSM is distorting. But times are a-changin’ Larry and you better get all the grants you can for your useless books while you can.


Anonymous said...

Better still, Larry is an agent of the Toronto Liberal elite which he proved by going to bat for McLeans this past week. The control freaks are in Rosedale and Forest Hill and they are freaking that the 'rabble' and 'trash' and 'masses' are pushing back. Too bad. (real conservative)

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