Monday, October 25, 2010

Juan Williams and npr

I think npr has shot itself in the foot. Their stations depend on donations to survive. There has been condemnation from virtually everyone on this truly foolish move. npr has shown itself to be intolerant and very left wing. Juan Williams is a liberal. I watch him on Fox News Sunday. he often says things that I disagree with. I am glad he has a great paying new contract with Fox. liberal media outlets are afraid of conservative voices and now it seems of any voice that defies leftisr orthodoxy. I have given money to to Vermont Public Radio and Television. I enjoy watching BritComs like Keeping Up Appearances on the Vermont Public television. I like the idea of user pay for "public television and radio"( the cbc should have that funding model) I will stop my support and will tell them exactly why.

Really, should anyone be surprised by National Public Radio’s firing of analyst Juan Williams? Liberals and leftists are far and away the most intolerant people in public debate. As my friend and fellow National Post columnist, David Frum, likes to say, liberals are all in favour of free speech and a diversity of opinion until they encounter views that differ from their own. Then they are shocked to find people who actually disagree with them and their first reaction is to try to silence their critics.

In the case of Williams, a long-time National Public Radio (NPR) personality, there are three other factors at play: the political correctness inherent in every left-of-centre media outlet, pressure from Muslim special interest groups, and Williams’ sideline employment (now full-time employment) with Fox News. These three – coupled with built-in liberal intolerance – created the perfect mix that lead to Williams’ sacking.


Anonymous said...

It would appear that Juan Williams has landed on his feet and his contract with Fox will be a "win, win" for him personally and the network. Regarding his pending lawsuit - I look forward to George Soros "donating" a few more millions, as it is going to cost npr "millions" to settle the punitive and slander damages. Cheers FernStAlbert

Anonymous said...

Here is a good link to a better link regarding the whole fiasco.

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