Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Good For Maxime!!!

I haven't praised Maxime Bernier in a while. I like these new proposals. The federal government should remember our constitution and respect provincial responsibilities. A much smaller federal government is an excellent idea.

Calling for an end to $40-billion in social and health transfers to the provinces, Maxime Bernier is criticizing his own government’s policies in areas of provincial jurisdiction and laying another plank in his platform for a future Conservative leadership bid.

The Conservative MP is planning to use a luncheon speech at Toronto’s Albany Club on Wednesday to further his credentials as a fiscal conservative who would revolutionize Ottawa and oversee a radically smaller federal apparatus.


Anonymous said...

Max is great. (real conservative)

Gerald said...

I'm with Mr. Bernier 100 percent.He is a visionary.Gerald Mcgarrigle

Ted Betts said...

Do you folks really honestly want to go back to what the founders envisioned and implemented and acted out?

Canada was far more centralized under Sir John A than even under Trudeau. What would you say about a PM who could veto provincial legislation that was fully within provincial jurisdiction? What would you say about a PM who had the power to simply decree something was of national interest and be supported by the constitution?

You focus on a few federal initiatives that you don't like and think we are too centralized. We are the most decentralized country in the world.

Under Harper, in some small but important ways, we have become a bit more centralized which is good.

Anonymous said...

Its interesting watching the reaction to Bernier's suggestions. Most are negative because he is a loser who lost his cabinet job and is going rogue. The fact is Bernier has put forward a thesis that has been proposed before. Instead of talking about it ans seriously weighting carefully the pros and cons we have the punditocracy crticizing the suggestion as nuts. No wonder we can't get anywhere in Canada. Anytime somebody proposes something different instead of discussing the issue it is ridiculed and thrown on the trash heap.

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