Sunday, October 03, 2010

gloria allred is not a very good attorney

liberal gloria allred is doing her best to get her client deported from the US. Her client is the former housekeeper of California Governor Candidate Meg Whitman (GOP).
Greta van Sustern takes gloria apart.

As does Mark Levin.


Patrick Ross said...

It's all part of the "Meg Whitman is a bad person" narrative being pushed by the Jerry Brown campaign.

Let's not mention that the Dream Act is a conceptual nightmare. Let's just run down Meg Whitman regarding a case where there is clearly much more than meets the eye, one way or the other.

maryT said...

Notice the changes in GA facial expressions. Wonder if the maid has been granted amnesty for coming fwd. How did they find her. How many housekeepers get 23.00/hr.
Isn't this the same gal that had octamom as a client. Any one that thinks this is anything but a set up is out to lunch. Will the maid be deported or charged. If this gets to court can't wait for the cross-examination of said maid.

Anonymous said...

this is an excellent example of a lefty reaching for anything they can get their hands on because they could never go toe to toe with facts. WOW


Joe said...

Too bad Ezra Levant wasn't doing the interview. Greta gets hung up on the 'Yes she did/no she didn't' far too often.

It would seem to me that how the lawyer got that letter is far more important than who scribbled a note on it.

If the maid kept the letter rather than send it back to the government.

I read somewhere that the employer HAS to accept the employee's word on status or be charged with human rights violations.

Patrick Ross said...

Oddly enough, I never stopped to think about where Allred got the letter -- the original -- from.

It's a worthy point.

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