Thursday, October 14, 2010

Force Quebec

Lots of talk about Force Quebec, legault's imaginary party. Josee Legault saying it is all a threat to marois.
I welcome the discussion of a center right alternative. Why do we have to talk of an imaginary party? The ADQ already exists and has center right policies. The #0% who say they would vote for this new imaginary party need to vote for the very real ADQ.


Anonymous said...

Something akin to Tea Parties is underway in Quebec and we are also seeing it in Toronto’s mayoral contest.

We need Maxime Bernier to carry on with his ideas of a strong federation based on a return to provincial accountabilities as originally conceptualized by the Fathers of Confederation. That will help lead Qu├ębec out of its quagmire. We also need a Mad Max clone for Ontario. Central Canada has been hijacked over the last half century by central planners and like all progressive tyrannies they have survived by blaming others for their bad planning. So let’s unwind it and make smaller local government accountable.


Chris said...

ADQ has lost all credibility. Its year as official opposition and its disastrous leadership campaign showed that it was run by self-destructive amateurs, keen to exploit xenophobia. Before 2007, it was a one-man political party run by a university student-turned-career politician who had no more qualifications to run the government than, well, I do.

Legault, Facal, Bouchard, all are experienced leaders who have shown themselves to be open to the world, squeaky-clean and have the respect of Quebec's business leaders. I would certainly be open to voting for them.

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