Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ezra on the Tommy Schnurmacher Show

Ezra was on the Tommy Schnurmacher Show today discussing the terrorist omar khadr. Here is Ezra's article in the Sun on the subject.

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Anonymous said...

I always get a chuckle from the Liberal canadians that use the term "Legal" or that "It's the law".
These would be the same people defending Slavery because it was legal,they would have kept females from voting and never would have forced Union in canada to hire non-whites.
Trudeua sat-out WW2 as my father was serving in it, my dad was in Quebec at the time and was of American Indian background during the pre-1792 Jaye-treaty for border aboriginals that fled into Quebec during the genocide to sterilize the females duing the Census since the men were tough to track down.

How ironic that Cuba leases Gitmo Bay to the USA and that the Trudeau's are biuddies with castro and have yet to denouce the misogynistic murderer Che Guevera (Ernesto Guevera),even the useful idiots on campus now wear pro-hamas button and many CHE symbols when we know hamas kills gays and uses females as suicide bombers.
I expect to see the CHE/Hamas supporters out again in december to mark the day a Muslim named gamil gharabi murdered 14 female students in Quebec, but somehow the leftist anger blames all men in canada and fears the islamic ties by gamil who was raised on Shariah law.
So Khadr lived in canada for 8 years, if I lived in a garage for 15 years could I get the CRA to declare me a car and thus exempt from paying taxes???
Canada has over 1'000'000 foreign workers and some have worked here longer than Omar was in canada,if any one of them had a son that killed someone with a grenade outside of canada at the age of almost 16....would you also fight for their rights to come back to canada.
What about Conrad Black...oh wait, he's a white male and likes the USA,but Khadr has friends in the nDP and Liberal party.

I Support Lord Black