Saturday, October 16, 2010

An Evening with some Tory Senators

                                          Sen Seidman              Sen Housakos  Louis Philippe Trudel
                                     HM Minister of the Environment Jim Prentice
                                             Sen Brazeau
                                                                                  Agop Evereklian
                                           Rodolphe Husny                 Sen Angus

I recently attended a Tory fundraiser in the riding of Jeanne Le Ber. We had a big contingent of Quebec Tory senators including Senator Angus, Senator Brazeau, Senator Seidman and Senator Housakos. HM Minister of the Environment Jim Prentice was also in attendance. It was great to see many friends like Rodolphe Husny,Tory  candidate in Outremont and Agop Evereklian, Tory candidate in Dollard Pierrefonds. Agreat evening.

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hunter said...

You sure do get around Dr. Roy! Good for you, keep those senators and MP's in touch with what we Conservatives want to see.

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