Friday, October 15, 2010

Eric Duhaime on the Quebec Women's Federation

Eric has written a piece in English for the Sun. If you didn't already see him in French. HM Government should eliminate the ministry for the status of women. Government money should not go to right or left wing advocacy groups. The majority of such money goes to leftists. people can support what they like, but let them pay for it themselves.

Why do we fund these bra burners?

The Quebec’s Women Federation (QWF) had to withdraw parts of a very controversial ad last week in preparation for this week’s World March of Women.

The group that pretends it’s representing Quebec’s women ran a video in which a woman, acting as the mother of a Canadian soldier killed in Afghanistan, says: “If I had known that in giving them life I was going to supply cannon fodder, maybe I wouldn’t have had any children.”

This is only the latest controversy to hit this radical organization

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