Sunday, October 10, 2010

The despicable grit mark holland needs to be defeated

The people of Ajax Pickering deserve a responsible, intelligent, accomplished MP. like Chris Alexander. Alexander is the far better choice.
mark holland is a terrible mp. he has a big mouth which has apparently cost the people of Canada a lot of money in legal fees. He has apologized to chris Froggart, but he should pay have had to pay substantial damages.


UsualSuspect said...

Even worse, he "apologizes" on a friday before a long weekend, not so much to correct the harm done to another, but to minimize the damage to himself. He's not sorry at all and serves as a good example of how NOT to man up.

Anonymous said...

I'm waiting for Holland to tell us exactly who vandalized a Mosque back in 2004 when he and Dan McTeaque rushed in to blame it on Drunken-Christians.

I still think it was a Insurance fraud scam known among Muslims in the USA to torch your small Mosque to get a rebuild-permit and by-pass the Permit and Zoning Laws.
Evene Dan McTeague still won't answer my emails because I nailed him in a Mosque video where he denounced Jesus as the Messhiah for Christians and then he exalted Muhammade and Allah juts to keep the peace and avoid a riot or beheadings in Pickering.

Holland and McTeague know that video went on the internet as a Taqqiyah clip to incite Jihad, it was even mentioned by the Whahhabi CAIR-USA to pad the bogus Hate-crime status for Racism towards Muslims.

So tell us Mark, who did torch that Mosque in 2004, and if it was Insurance fraud....was the Imam's charged or did the Police let it go for fear of riots and beheadings in Pickering.

How odd that the Muslim custodian was there at 3:00am to call 9/11 from the smoke which came after the smashed door and crashing glass with drunken yells by Christians.


What's up Mark, were they Christians???? and what was the Trial out come?

I Support Lord Black