Tuesday, October 26, 2010

clarington election results

More power to the grassroots! I am quite happy that those who were elected and were responsible for persecuting my friends the Jaworskis, are now gone!

The election means good news for the Liberty Summer Seminar
On October 26, 2010, in Clarington politics, by peterjaworski
With all of the polls now reported, it looks like we have some positive news to share with everyone.

Most importantly for us, Ward 3 candidate Corinna Traill — the most vocal supporter of the Liberty Summer Seminar, who promised to propose a motion specifically addressing the Seminar — won with an impressive margin of victory. With all of the polls now reporting, Corinna Traill won a decided victory over her nearest competitor 1,694 to 1,012.

Second most important is the fact that Jim Abernethy, who suggested that my mom and dad could “beg” for forgiveness (upsetting not just us, but popular Clarington blogger Marven Whidden), was defeated by Adrian Foster. In fact, Abernethy nearly came in third, edging out Paul Adams by less than 400 votes.

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