Saturday, October 02, 2010

Chicken little"humour": blow up kids of those who defy the church of kyoto

The new environmentostalinism is extremely biased against humans. They have apprently withdrawn this disgusting bit of ecojihad, but the chicken littles have once again revealed their true face.

Warning very graphic


been around the block said...

Such pernicious mendacity, while coming across as all earnest, caring, and concerned.

These eco-fascists are psychopaths, and scary as hell. Keep them away from my children, PLEEEEZE.

Anonymous said...

And the difference between these doctrines, actions and ways of life of islams and this 10-10 group is???
Any one out there see a peaceful and light solution to these two problems? I do not.
all I see are buildings on fire and environmentalists killing the human race on purpose, no mistakes do they make toward this, their cause, no mistakes what so ever.
Wake up America, and the earth. They are coming for YOU!!!!!

I Support Lord Black