Tuesday, October 12, 2010

C02 is responsible for 1/3 of climate change?

That is what is stated in a piece in Nature. Before spending further trillions for chicken little nonsense shouldn't we further examine the science?

It is at present impossible to accurately determine climate sensitivity (defined as the equilibrium warming in response to a doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations) from past records, partly because carbon dioxide and short-lived species have increased together over the industrial era. Warming over the past 100 years is consistent with high climate sensitivity to atmospheric carbon dioxide combined with a large cooling effect from short-lived aerosol pollutants, but it could equally be attributed to a low climate sensitivity coupled with a small effect from aerosols. These two possibilities lead to very different projections for future climate change.


Owner and Doggy said...

Even if the science on climate change isn't settled yet, 98% of climate scientists say that human-caused climate change is real. If we really wanted to protect our future, we would save the earth and take action.

As an analogy, say you are about to eat a meal. But you receive two phone calls: one from 98% of nutritionists in the world, saying your meal is poison and will kill you, and another from 2% of nutritionists telling you that there is nothing wrong with your meal. Would you eat it?

That's why we must take action. Even if human-caused climate change is a fraud, it doesn't make sense to take a risk this big with our planet.

Thanks to the AYCC for the analogy.

Anonymous said...

I'd have the meal if 98% of the nutritionists had a vested financial interest in me not eating it and had been proven to be liars, cheats and frauds. Now I'm going to ask my own questions; How come Al Gore doesn't behave like there is a climate crisis, how come Maurice Strong is holed up in China, what country benefits the most if we buy into the man made climate change skullduggery and why don't all the shills who beleive co2 emissions are "pollution" stop using energy and live in zero emission communes like the menonites?

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