Friday, October 29, 2010

BCF being sued

richard warman is suing my friend Arnie over at BCF. Arnie is one of the good guys. warman uses the hrc section 13 very frequently. Please help my friend arnie by donating to his kitty.

Warman is suing me for $500,000.00 Dollars. A ridiculous amount for an equally ridiculous lawsuit. Nonetheless even nuisance suits such as this must be defended against. To date legal fees have run me about 10K. I've covered that from my own pocket. I am now asking for your help. I know times are hard for many of us but if every reader who visited daily were to contribute 5 or 10 dollars then that would go a long way to helping all of us out.

This is your fight too, well except for the lawyer stuff anyway;)

If you like this blog, if you like my efforts then please, if you can, make a small donation via Paypal by hitting the "Feed the Kitty" icon on the sidebar. If you don't "do" the Paypal thing you can do an e-mail internet banking transfer sent to

Or... you may send a cheque by mail made payable to:

“Christopher Ashby in Trust”
Attn: Blazingcatfur defence fund
Suite 1013
8 King Street East
Toronto ON M5C 1B5


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Thanks Dr. Roy!

been around the block said...

My cheque's in the mail.

This suit is outrageous and should not have been allowed. Heck, it's Richard Warman who's been caught out time and time again, doing illegal things.

When does he get sued -- or, at least, disallowed from bringing SLAPP suits against those whose political views he disagrees with?

This lawsuit going forward is an absolute disgrace.

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