Friday, October 15, 2010

An anti Mcguinty rally

My friend Debbie Jodoin and her friends have organized a rally against mcliar. If you are near Toronto, please attend.

RALLY IN TORONTO "Boot Out Dalton Express
"Organizers from Ottawa are bringing their BOOT OUT DALTON EXPRESS to Toronto. If you are fed up with the tax and spend policies of the McGuinty government, this is the place to be. Bring your relatives, friends, and neighbours. The organizers will meet at the Winston Churchill Statue at 12:00 Noon. Rally 1 PM SHARP. They are hoping for 4 busloads from Ottawa. Come on out Toronto and show your support!

Buses will leave from Ottawa contact Debbie Jodoin( if you need to go down via bus from Ottawa or be picked up along the way to Toronto!

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Anonymous said...

The Lib convention is also going on, right?
Would protesters be allowed within 5 meters of this event???

I Support Lord Black