Monday, October 04, 2010

Adult Stem Cells

I am glad the research on adult stem cells is advancing so quickly. An interesting article on the politics of stem cells.

Although not approved for general medical use, adult stem cell research has successfully improved the medical conditions of several people with the aforementioned diseases, as has shown meaningful promise against dozens of other illnesses and maladies. Embryonic research cannot is not even past the, well, embryonic stage.

Despite that fact, Pickler chose to carry a deeply deceptive comment from White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs claiming that "President Obama made expansion of stem cell research and the pursuit of groundbreaking treatments and cures a top priority when he took office." If that were the case, the administration would be aggressively funding adult stem cell research or letting the science sort itself out without government intervention. But instead it wants to throw money at life-taking research that's not working.

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