Monday, September 13, 2010

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

I saw the Wood Allen movie You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger. The presence of many of the stars including Woody Allen was the high point of the event. The movie was long, disjointed and will almost certainly not do very well at the box office. It had an occult theme and a lot of betrayal. It was occasionally a bit funny, but not enough o eep my interest. It was disappointing given the high priced talent including Sir Anthony Hopkins that the movie was so mediocre. I have not seen a Woody Allen movie in a long time because of the unpleasantness with Mia Farrow's daughter and his last movie also sucked. I will not be seeing another Woody Allen any time soon. Woody it's time to retire from the movie making business.


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been around the block said...

"Woody it's time to retire from the movie making business."

My take on Woody Allen, whom I used to really enjoy way back when?

He needs to have a spiritual conversion experience, where redemption plays a big role. He's stale, everything he does is pretty much a retread of something else he did, or completely whacko, like what you're describing.

The guy doesn't seem to have a compass anymore, moral or otherwise, and increasingly, his monologues are just whine fests, not funny at all.

He's definitely past his sell-by date. He should stay home and pay attention to his wife and child. (I know that he and the Vietnam orphan who Mia Farrow adopted have at least one child, perhaps more.)

Woody Allen creeps me out.

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