Sunday, September 12, 2010

Why we need Reseau Liberte Quebec

This is a tragedy. While the politicians talk about yes and no, these kids are allowed to drown.
We need to talk about these issues. We spend billions on education and this is the result. We need to consider voucher programs, to make public schools compete. We need to look at alternate solutions.

Hemmed in by a six-lane thoroughfare, dowdy walk-ups and old brick warehouses, it's a site that was long emblematic of hope's triumph over adversity and prejudice.

In the mid-1940s, the northeast corner of De Lorimier Avenue and Ontario Street in Montreal's east end was home to the stadium where Jackie Robinson played his first professional game and began his historic quest to break Major League Baseball's colour barrier.

De Lorimier Downs stadium, briefly converted into a furniture warehouse after the Montreal Royals left town, was torn down in 1960. Now, the corner is occupied by École Secondaire Pierre-Dupuy – ground zero for one of Quebec's more troubling and persistent social problems.

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