Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Whisper on the Right?

An interesting editorial in the Montreal gazette. It actually kind of supports our goals. It welcomes another voice in the political sphere. I hope that we will go from being a whisper into a roar. Help us show that we are far more than a whisper.

Why doesn't Quebec have a conservative political party? Most places do, though it's often called something else: Liberal, Wild Rose, Progressive Conservative, Christian Democrat, Republican -every normal political spectrum includes a party clearly positioned on the right.

True, such parties often tilt left to win votes, but they do share a belief neatly articulated by Ronald Reagan: that government is not always the answer, and can often be the problem.

But in Quebec, such a notion is heresy. Governments come and go, bickering about federalism, but the state's role in society and the economy keeps growing. Dissent is not permitted. When Beauce MP Maxime Bernier assailed the "Quebec model" last spring, Finance Minister Raymond Bachand labelled him a "Quebec-basher." If you don't welcome pervasive and expensive government, something's wrong with you. You're a self-hating Quebecer.

That's the political culture Reseau Liberte-Quebec is out to change. The word "liberty" can make Canadians uneasy, perhaps because it has been commandeered by the right wing of the U.S. Republican Party and the "Tea Party" movement. But this fledgling group, which has a first meeting Oct. 23 in Quebec City, aims to use the word to rally Quebecers who "are fed up with a big interventionist state and are looking for more individual liberty and personal responsibility," says Eric Duhaime, a founder of the Reseau.

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Anonymous said...

The idea of the nanny state and the hundreds of schemes designed to work around the bureaucracy and put a little cash into one's pocket has become so ingrained into Quebec society that I doubt a truly conservative party will ever be successful in that province.

Anonymous said...

There must be two moons in the sky with the Gazette somewhat supporting a conservative party being founded and also endorsing an A.D.Q. candidate in St. Laurent to punish the Liberals for taking voters for granted.

However the big reason there is no conservative party besides the A.D.Q. in Quebec is because the media and the intellectual class dump on any conservative initiative or idea. The Gazette has done its fair share of cutting down said initiatives.

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