Tuesday, September 28, 2010

trudeau was a horrible pm

trudeau and pearson tried to buy off French Canada by destroying English Canadians symbols and culture. It didn't work. IT did not satisfy Quebec nationalists and has left English canada rudderless. Multiculturalism, a strategy to buy ethnic votes is as bad for ethnic communities as it is for canada. trudeau was the roiginal tax and spend liberal. he was elitist, disrespectful and hideously arrogant. trudeau and the grits are responsible for much of canad's national unity issues. Their policies of massives centralization directly contradicted the wisdom of our Constitution. The charter of rights is abonanza for lawyers and judges , who now make likes at will. he openly cavorted with communist dictators and encouraged them to enslave their peoples.

When Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff invokes a prime ministerial hero, it’s always Lester Pearson.

He rarely mentions the personal impact of Pierre Elliott Trudeau, even though the former prime minister’s eldest son sits three rows behind him in the House of Commons as a rookie Quebec MP.

But there’s a good reason to tread carefully on the PET connection even now, a decade after his death.

He divides us still.


Anonymous said...

PET divides us because we’re divided. He gets an F on fiscal responsibility. He might not have been a commie but he was a commie sympathizer. He gets an A on trying to keep Quebec from separating and for dealing with the FLQ terrorists while the Toronto establishment and the CBC vilified him for stopping attempts at an “unelected parallel system of government”

His approach to multiculturalism was confused with a respect for diversity. Multiculturalism is the propping up of foreign cultures with our tax monies and using the siloed ethnic groups (like India does) to divide and conquer and control the votes. It’s tribal and it leads to corruption. The Cultures of immigrants escaping those cultures should not be propped up. Multiculturalism turned out to be a horrible mistake which PET more or less admitted about 1995. The real villains are the Liberals who continue to use multiculti methods and the HRCs to buy votes; that is not the fault of Trudeau; it is the fault of those that succeeded him, they should have addressed it.

It is tiresome to hear McGuinty blaming Harris and Obama blaming Bush. Instead they should grow up and fix it. Ditto, it’s time to recognize that PET got some of it right but a lot of it horribly wrong and fix the wrong parts, stop blaming him for what we have had time to fix if we really wanted to.


CanadianSense said...

This has been the key to the Liberals gaining power. Wedge politics.

Pandering to Ontario-Quebec voters worked for Liberals.

It worked to save them in Quebec to vote against conscription.

They will polarize the regional card at will to save their party.

Ignatieff views the surplus as his money. He does not see it as evidence of over taxation.

He admitted "they did not get it done in 2006" in Montreal.

Dryden shifted it back to we did not get it done.

Ignatieff cherry picks who is to blame when it suits him.

In 2005 in Ireland he blamed Liberals for a bogus peacekeeping reputation of 40 years. He praised G.W.B. for American exceptionalism.

He noted Liberals refused to pay the note.

Fred from BC said...

If not the worst Prime Minister, he must be at least in the top three. Crippling debt, bilingualism, the so-called "Charter of Rights and Freedoms" (good intentions, perhaps, but horribly exucuted), the NEP, etc, etc.

Hoarfrost said...

Our country is on odd place to govern with Quebec having unique priorities and a different and unique commentary on Federal politics.

We currently in a unusual dichotomy. Quebec's internal discussion seems to surround local matters rather than federal matters. We are also in the unusual position that thye Conservatives conceivably win a majority without Quebecs complete acceptance.

Perhaps the Conservatives should play to that opportunity in an unusual election race.

A longshot perhaps!

Kaffir_Kanuck said...

I'm still not convinced going metric was all that good of an idea either. To this day I do temp in C but cook in F. I travel in klms but measure hight in feet and weigh myself in lbs. Working in the aircraft industry, everything is imperial.

Metrication was PET's fault too.

Anonymous said...

Trudeau was a member of the club of Rome, look it up and learn about what they believe in. (real conservative)

Sean M said...

Trudeau was the worst thing that ever happened to this country. He was a sloganeering fraud, saying all the right things and then enacting the opposite. He was an actor who fancied himself a "mystic" he felt that Canada needed an authoritarian leader, and longed for a French only State. Trudeau was an incredible A-hole and entirely unfit for the position of PM. He served virtually unopposed and destroyed all that he touched. He was an anti-semite and he hated Canada'a British history and traditions, so went about destroying English Canada, casting it adrift and estranging the nation from it's roots. Trudeau was a tribal leader of the francophone tribe who pretended to be someone else, so that he could gain power. His only concern was for his fellow francophones, he set about dismantling English Canada and instituted racist policies like bilingualism knowing that thay would benefit only his tribe. There are so many myths built around Trudeau, but history, eventually will show just what a disaster he was for this nation. Trudeau was a small- minded, spoiled, hateful, spiteful, man, who's view of Canada was as warped as his mind. I remember an interview Trudeau gave where he was asked what would happen to Canada if his specious, nefarious policies backfired and ended up destroying the country, he answered in his usual flippant arrogant fashion and stated that if his radical policies didn't work than perhaps the country should never have existed in the first place. He felt no responsibility for his actions and was a destructive, entitled elitist, narcissistic A-HOLE. Trudeau, not dead enough!

Anonymous said...

Repeal the Charter. Worst piece of legislation ever. It gives darkies too many rights.

Fred from BC said...

Kaffir_Kanuck said...

I'm still not convinced going metric was all that good of an idea either. To this day I do temp in C but cook in F. I travel in klms but measure hight in feet and weigh myself in lbs. Working in the aircraft industry, everything is imperial.

Yes, another terrible idea (one born of Trudeau's envy and hatred of the United States). When you do 80-85% of your trade with one country, it's not exactly rocket science to use the same measurement system as them...