Wednesday, September 29, 2010

trudeau s disappearing legacy

I congratulate Premier elect David Alward of New Brunswick. Chantal Hebert thinks this the harbinger of many more provincial grit defeats. She says it means to is an undoing of the trudeaupian nightmare. Unfortunately not fast enough. We have much to do to undo the horrors that trudeau has wrought on our great country. I guess this is a beginning, if even the present day grits run from the trudeau legacy.
As Ignatieff was talking up language rights and other federal issues in Montreal, New Brunswick premier Shawn Graham — a leading member of the post-Trudeau Liberal generation — was being consigned to the dustbin of history after just one mandate in power.

Graham's defeat could be a harbinger of more provincial defeats to come for the Liberals.

By the end of the current provincial electoral cycle, PEI's Joe Ghiz could be the only government leader to still bear the Liberal label. There is a real possibility that the party that built Canada's social union in the sixties and seventies could have little representation of any kind at the table of the upcoming renegotiation of the federal-provincial fiscal arrangements that underpin Medicare.

With a year to go to the next Ontario election, the winds of change are battering premier Dalton McGuinty's third-term government.

A solid majority of Quebecers would rather have Premier Jean Charest resign than undergo the second half of his third term. In British Columbia, the tide turned against Premier Gordon Campbell some time ago.


CanadianSense said...

Liberalism, collectivism and the fairytale of the social justice Utopia on earth is losing it's cachet.

People are tired of being asked to pay for Big Government and its empty rhetoric. The writing is on wall and many of them refuse to admit China, Castro-Soviet socialism model is not acceptable in North America.

Kit said...

What is clearly evident, is that whatever ideals Chantal Hebert attributes to Trudeau, is that they are clearly unworkable. If Graham's legacy was to implement and continue some Trudeaupian ideal, then good riddance to that nonsense. All Graham gave this province was increased debt, a teetering power supply, a failing Health care system and a completely messed up education system. After 30 years, is there not enough evidence from successive failed Liberal policy to demonstrate that some visions simply cannot be made reality? As the saying goes visions without a workable affordable plan are nothing more than hallucination.
Hebert does not have a clue what she's talking about and needs to get the heck out of TO once and a while to see what life is really like.

Anonymous said...

It looks certain at this point that Ontario is moving back to its Tory roots, I also predict that either PEI or NS will also move Tory but is too uncertain to call at this time. Then there is Manitoba, the periennial underperforming Western province that has toyed greatly with socialism in recent decades. It must annoy many Manitobans that the rest of the West is A-okay while they limp along in comparison. So we could see some change in Manitoba too. (real conservative)

been around the block said...

As Margaret Thatcher so succinctly put it, "The problem with socialism is that it eventually runs out of other people's money."

Guess what? Trudeau's "vision" for Canada is now bankrupt, morally and financially.

Those with little money tend to be more conservative, simply because they don't have a monetary cushion on which to fall back when times get tough. Increasing numbers of Canadians are living from cheque to cheque and are being stretched to the max by exorbitant taxes and promiscuous spending on "social programs" on the part of our politicians.

We no longer think it's just that we need to pay for all of the Utopian social engineering initiatives foisted on us by leftard political agendas.

Enough is enough. Trudeau was too much.

Sean M said...

Trudeapia is falling apart, the nightmare might finally being coming to an end. The experiment in Trudeaupian cultism is failing and people like Hebert are feeling sad at the prospect of losing their imposed special status. The cult is fading Chantel, get over it.

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