Monday, September 06, 2010

The tragedy of the British nanny state

The British nanny state is costing tens of billions and doesn't seem to be doing much good for those receiving these "benefits." We better watch what is happening in the UK. It can certainly happen here as well.

A 32-year-old woman was caught on a closed-circuit security camera urinating on a local memorial to the war dead, then performing a sex act on her companion. She assaulted a police officer when he subsequently arrested her at her home. At her trial, her boyfriend, an immigrant from Ireland, swore at outraged veterans in attendance, gave the one-arm Nazi salute and yelled: “Up the IRA!” The woman, an alcoholic, was given a suspended sentence and the boyfriend, an unemployed busker, was later convicted on a number of minor offences and fined.

With its “issues of the day” combination of lewd public behaviour, public drunkenness, disrespect for tradition and the service of veterans, and violence against police, the story ultimately made it into some national newspapers.

Yet it was one minor aspect of this sordid episode that highlighted a major problem facing Britain – and many other European countries: The boyfriend was to have part of his fine taken from the “benefit” he received from the state because he is deemed not able to work or find work. In other words, the taxpayer will be picking up at least part of the tab for this man’s loutish misbehaviour. Anyway, critics argued, what was a seemingly able-bodied migrant doing on “benefit” after all?

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Dollops said...

It's ironic that you should write "could happen here" after posting your Indian reserve piece. Much worse is happening here already and no one, our Conservative government included, seems to want to do anything about the shame of "status". The first step to solving the myriad of problems facing Native Indians is to eliminate Indian status as quickly as the statute can be written. Tough love might be painful to some indigenous Canadians but not as harmful as today's soft do-goodism.

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