Saturday, September 25, 2010

Surprises on the TO Mayoral race

Two columns which are both surprising. Lord Black endorses Sarah Thompson and lefty walkom kind of defends Rob Ford.
I was initially somewhat interested in Sarah Thompson, but she has no money, few volunteers and has been very haphazard in policy lately. I must say that Rob Ford made me nervous, but the more he is attacked by the red star and others, the more I like him. I think it is likely Rob Ford will be mayor.


Anonymous said...

“I must say that Rob Ford made me nervous”

You are right to be nervous and Torontonians are very nervous because we are in a mess. Unlike Quebec, we know it and want to change it and are willing to go through the pain to do so. But we don’t want pain and no gain, like Miller sticking it to taxpayers on the garbage strike we endured.

What makes Torontonians really nervous about Rob is that we know the battles that lie ahead will be chaotic. Yet we also know this is not a time for Liberal approaches of “nuance” and being an “honest broker” (code for being on all sides of the issue, ergo spineless moral relativism). This is a time to take a stand and Rob Ford will do that and it will not be pretty.

Vote Rob Ford and end the status quo of progressive conflicts of interest that hopefully MacLean’s will write about once they recover from outing the corruption in Quebec.


Anonymous said...

I agreed with the sentiment here about a month ago but not now. I think that Ford will get what he wants for the most part. Leftists are weasels and still want to eat at the trough, when they know that the public's mind is made up they are going to 'play the game.' There will come a time though when they will fight back, not sure when. Many of Toronto's mayors have served multiple terms so the landscape can change too. Either way it is most entertaining for conservatives indeed. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Sarah Thompson is a vicious nasty individual who every time she speaks about Ford has a difficult time hiding her absloute hate and has intimated that he is a racist. Now that she realizes that she hasn't a hope in hell of winning she is more than willing to collaborate with her socialist comrades.

been around the block said...

Cross-posted at Blazing Cat Fur a few days ago:

Who IS Sarah Thomson, anyway?

Publisher of Women's Post magazine, apparently, and here's what she says about herself:

"Humility. I was raised to value it, treasure the fact that I could have my own personal accomplishments and keep them to myself – my strength quietly feeding off my actions with no need for recognition or reward. But now, as I shoot myself [shoot her mouth?] into the world of politics, my advisors say I must explain where my inner strength comes from, where I learned to negotiate and where I picked up my ability to lead, and how I developed the capacity to motivate people to work together towards one vision. ..."

There's more:

Hmmm ... humility ... ability to lead. 'Don't think there's going to be room for Thomson in Rob Ford's inner circle and I've got to admit I'm not feeling very positive towards her when she talks about my choice of mayor as "a huge crisis."

'A little more humility, Sarah ...

Anonymous said...

Is Sarah related to the famous Thompson family from Toronto? Does anybody know? (real conservative)

been around the block said...

Good question, real conservative. The "Thomson" spelling is unusual, so I'm tempted to think she is related somehow. I'm not very accomplished at Googling and haven't found out very much about her, but it would appear that she is NOT one of Ken or Marilyn Thomson's children, but maybe a niece?

At the Web site

Thomson's bio begins "Sarah Thomson is a social entrepreneur who was born in Toronto in 1968. Her childhood was spent in an eclectic and culturally rich household with two artistic parents who had a strong love for each other and their children."

The parents aren't named, which seems somewhat mysterious: "culturally rich household"? I wonder just what that means. No mention of what school/s she attended or just where she and her family lived.

I sense that there is an attempt to "cover up" her origins, but maybe that's just me and my ineptitude in Googling information.

Like you, rc, I'm wondering if she's related to "the" Thomsons. I'm also wondering, if she is, why she's not being forthright about the connection?

Conrad Black is supporting her. Does that mean that Sarah and his family moved in the same circles? 'Don't know ...

been around the block said...

I'd like to clarify that I'm not down on Sarah Thomson because she might belong to the Thomson family, thus making her part of the so-called "elite" of Toronto.

It's admirable that she has been a Toronto councillor for a few years and that she's thrown her hat in the mayoralty ring. She hasn't been around long enough, however, to have much of a profile. I figure she'll have a good kick at the next mayoralty race, after she's put in a bit more time in the trenches.

IF she is a member of "the" Thomson family, however, it would be better for her to be up front about it, rather than trying to cover it up.


Roy Eappen said...

As far as I knowas I know she is not a memebr of Lord Thomson of Fleet's family. I don't think she has been a city councillor either.

been around the block said...

Sorry for the misinformation about her being a city councillor. That would doubly make my case about her inexperience. It seems to me that you can't just show up in a mayoralty race and criticize one of the candidates, referring to his winning as "a huge crisis," and maintain credibility.

Unfortunately, I think that Sarah Thomson is playing the "female" card (the feminist card?) and it doesn't wash with me. In fact, I'd run a mile if I thought Thomson was running on a feminist ticket. Feminism has got us into a lot of the socialist trouble Toronto's in: NO THANKS!

I Support Lord Black