Thursday, September 02, 2010

Stupid parent tricks

One sees how these bullies have been taught that bullying is ok. Indeed they now must believe bullying is their right. I always astonished when my teacher friends tell me how many parents today defend their kids, no matter what they do. These parents are teaching their kids that they can get away with anything. They are part of this culture of entitlement that is the poisoned gift of trudeau and the grits. For the grits and their allies there are only rights and no responsibilities. I hope the school board wins and these hoodlums get the punishment they richly deserve. Hopefully the hole in their wallets will teach these moron parents something too.

REGINA — A high school student accused of bullying says his punishment “ostracizes” him from his peers and likens it to the treatment of pedophiles.

Now, he and a friend are taking the Regina Public School Division to court — backed by parents who refuse to accept the school’s punishment.

The language contained in the statement of claim filed on behalf of one of the teenagers this week alleges the Regina Public School Division’s attempt to punish them for alleged paddling is “unlawful, unreasonable, unjustifiable and unprecedented,” and that the effect of the conditions will be “to ostracize [the teen] from the community of his long-time peers.”

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