Saturday, September 04, 2010

The secretive cbc

The hypocrites at the grit's propaganda arm, the cbc, have a lot of secrets. They are fighting to keep these secrets from you. That's pretty funny considering we all pay for this leftist, statist organization. What are these lefties hiding? We will also be paying the lawyers who are protecting their dirty little secrets.

CBC fights to keep secrets
Last Updated: September 2, 2010 9:48pm

OTTAWA - CBC may demand accountability from the government but Canada’s taxpayer-funded broadcaster is going to court once again in order to keep its own affairs secret.

The CBC will square off against the information commissioner, an independent officer of Parliament, in a Montreal courtroom on Sept. 13. After hearing from a number of sources, including Sun Media, about problems with CBC’s response to access to information requests, the commissioner subpoenaed a number of files. The CBC refused.

It’s not the first run in between the state broadcaster and the Access to Information Act. The CBC became subject to the act in 2007, since then close to 900 complaints have been filed. While some of those cases were resolved and a small number were found to be without merit, as of June the information commissioner had 498 active complaints against CBC.

By comparison Canada Post, the organization to receive the second highest level of complaints, only had 116 complaints filed total.

In the case before the court on Sept. 13, the CBC is arguing that to release the information would jeopardize the Crown corporation’s “journalistic, creative or programming activities.”


Jen said...

For CBC not to reveal their secrets must be pretty damaging. that is why they spend so much time making up stories about the PM just to keep their agenda of secrets away from the public's knowledge.

Hoarfrost said...

This ought to be interesting.

News outlets do indeed protect their sources for many good reasons. Let's see where this goes. Please track the outcome because it may be enlightening positively or negatively according to your bias.

They have no protection, of course, if their sources are internal employees or contractors for CBC. That is tough to prove in such a group mindset.

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