Thursday, September 30, 2010

Royal Society backs down on climate change

The Royal society of the United Kingdom has a much more reasonable and climate realist position on climate change. It is good to see some scientific turn away from hysteria and exaggeration.

Shock: Top British Scientists force Royal Society into Climate Change U-Turn By: John O’Sullivan

Britain’s Royal Society issue astonishing climate change climb down and disowns scientists who have made predictions about heat waves and rising sea levels.

On September 30, 2010 The Royal Society (RS) published its humiliating climb down under the header ‘Climate change: a summary of the science.’ The sudden move appears to be a desperate attempt to pre-empt a possible rebellion among the ranks of the world’s oldest and most prestigious science institute.

In a new document that replaces the institution’s former official guide, ‘Climate change controversies, a simple guide,’ the RS now officially concedes, “some uncertainties are unlikely ever to be significantly reduced”.

Leading Experts Have ‘Little Confidence’ in Global Warming Numbers

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Anonymous said...

The Royal Society's old web pages covering climate change were clearly in support of AGW theory. But among it's pages were statements which contradicted AGW, yet the RS still claimed AGW was true. I figured over time some one was going to stand up and say you can't have it both ways. And now, they have admitted, AGW is not settled, it is still a question, it is not unequivocal. The claims of future disaster cannot be supported scientifically, at least not yet, most of these claims are supported in Belief only. I think the Royal Society would be a good replacement for the corrupt UN IPCC.

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