Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Reseau Liberte Quebec-Quebec freedom network

Some of my Quebec friends and I have have been working on building the conservative movement in Quebec. We have decided to have a conference in Quebec city on October 23. 2010. This is not the founding of a new political party but a regrouping of the Quebecers who want less taxes, less spending and more freedom. In no province has the growth of the nanny state been worse than in Quebec. This is to cross link all of us in Quebec in believe in the blessing of freedom. We have been behind the video that has been causing quite a stir in Quebec. The English website is not quite ready yet, but here is the French version. There will be a media blitz in Quebec today. le devoir has already attacked us so that's good.

Come look at the site, register for the conference in Quebec City, follow us on Twitter and Facebook.
My fellow co conspirators Gerard Laliberte, Joanne Marcotte, les Analystes Ian Senechal, Eric Duhaime and Guillaune S. Leduc.

One of our speakers on October 23, 2010 will be my friend Kory Teneycke.

Stay tuned for more news and help us spread the word. Increasing freedom and fiscal responsibility in Quebec, increases freedom and fiscal responsibility across Canada.


Louise said...

Will this Oct. 23rd conference be broadcast over the net?

Roy Eappen said...

details not worked out yet, but most definetly

Cammie Novara said...

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